The Organisation

Relationshift is dedicated to offering affordable and easily accessible help to parents and children going through a family break-up.

We do this on a video platform:

a) by sharing the wisdom of people who’ve already been through a break-up

b) by sharing the professional insights of experts

c) by offering cognitive learning and progress tools designed to create real, actual change 

If and when parents have decided to separate, our mission is to break the existing, troublesome paradigm of how they go about doing it.

Why Relationshift?

We’ve probably all heard one or two examples of celebrity couples who are ‘consciously uncoupling’. But what does that really mean? And how do we go about doing it?

Some couples set out with the right intention but get overwhelmed by the variety of new challenges that present themselves. Others may find a fragile ‘truce’ without knowing the hidden burden the children can be carrying. Personal emotions, fears for the future, each parent being at different stages, re-partnering, conflict behaviour, blended families, financial anxiety, peer group pressure, legal issues….the list goes on and on. There’s no doubt about it: it’s complicated! And the earlier we’re made aware of the pitfalls, the better chance we have of avoiding them. 

So, successful separations take time. They take periods of self-reflection, patience, compassion, honesty, co-operation and keeping the mental health of yourselves and the children to the fore. Easy to read, difficult to action. 

There are amazing professionals in society dedicating their careers to helping you and your family. Terrific books have been written, professional courses to attend, support groups to join. We support all of these efforts, indeed we’ve been humbled by their co-operation and are more than happy to feature them on this platform as we grow.

At Relationshift, we come from a communications background. We understand filming and production, we understand media, we understand the ever changing expectations of web design, we understand social research and the psychology of behaviour change.

We understand that at 2am when you’re wide awake with three new challenges you hadn’t thought of before, you need something safe, something of high quality to turn to. Or when you’re on the bus or train and need topping-up with some positive influence, you’ve got somewhere on your device to go. We understand that if you can constantly surround yourself with a like-minded community of people similarly striving to find a better way to separate, there’s a better chance that you’ll actually achieve it yourself. We understand that you’re time-poor and that even a quick snippet can inspire a smart solution.

So, we designed Relationshift with these moments in mind.

From the decision to separate and wondering what how to tell the children, through to the careful introductions involved in blended families perhaps years down the track, Relationshift provides fast, affordable access to the wisdom of those who have been there before.

Relationshift is always on, whatever time of day. It’s affordable. It keeps you moving forward. It’s constantly getting new content. It’s something both parents can use.  You can show videos to the kids. It’s a place where you can discuss issues anonymously and make notes privately. It’s a safe place to come back to, as often as you need to for as long as it takes.

It’s a place for parents to learn, reflect and grow into a new parenting relationship. To create a chance at a new, contented chapter in their lives. For kids to be kids, without carrying the burden of their parents unresolved emotions.

As one family counselor put it in our early research, ‘it’s not the parenting break-up that affects the children, it’s the behaviour of the parents afterwards’.

With this in mind, our vision is for society in the future to reflect on how separating parents manage the shift in their relationship so much more successfully than ever before.

Our co-founders

Roger Camplisson, the driving force with a professional background in media, production and social research. Also a personal background with a divorce, an ex-wife-as-a-good-friend and a daughter who’s thrived as a result of the hard work that’s gone into creating a decent co-parenting relationship. He’s also witnessed tragic outcomes at the other end of the spectrum and questioned how to move more families towards the ‘lucky’ end of the spectrum. 

Our other co-founder, who prefers to remain ‘behind the scenes’, has been an awesome connector and financial ‘angel’ supporter. 

The team is many and varied, and quite frankly amazing. Most have experienced a family break-up themselves and all give way more time than we could reasonably expect. 

Who owns Relationshift?

Relationshift is a social impact company, structured as a hybrid social enterprise.

So, what does that mean? It means it’s jointly owned by the Australian registered charity Relationshift Ltd. and by our co-founder Roger Camplisson, who’s invested everything he has into getting this show on the road.

In practical terms it means we get a perfect mix of commercial business brains with the purpose of doing good.

Relationshift Ltd. (ABN: 41606704983) is registered with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) for the purposes of:

  1. Advancing education
  2. Advancing social or public welfare

If you have any questions for us, drop an email through to

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