The Idea

Over the years there’s been too much trauma, conflict, anxiety and tragedy associated with family break-ups. And we reckon it’s time to change all that.

We know it’s hard. We know it’s emotional. But you’re here because you’re a good parent. And with a little bit of wisdom you can go a long way to making this really work.

Relationshift is an amazing new source of wisdom and support for parents and kids experiencing a family break-up. 

Just made the decision to separate? Not sure how to tell the children? Having problems down the track? Thinking about re-partnering? Yep, we’ve been there. It’s confusing knowing how to make the next decision a wise one.

There’s many others who’ve been through this before and we’ve captured what they learned on video. Filmed on location by our production team, Relationshift is a uniquely compiled video library bursting with wisdom. Now you don’t have to make the same mistakes or miss out on helpful tips.

Our ever-expanding video library features parents, experts and other adults reflecting back on a break-up they experienced as a child. It’s often raw, emotional and confronting content that you simply won’t find anywhere else. By building this platform, we’ve been able to make each person’s unique experiences easily accessible to others – wherever they are in the world.

This really is wisdom worth sharing. But it isn’t just sit-back-and-watch infotainment! The magic really happens when you lean-in and learn from somebody else’s wisdom in a way that causes you to take action and do things differently.

With this in mind we’ve created learning tools for you to make private notes while watching videos and see your progress in a private dashboard.

Are you up for learning how other parents who no longer live together, can still successfully parent together? Then we think you’ll find you’re in the right place.

Sign-up, get watching, get learning. You’ve got this!

Relationshift. Wisdom worth sharing.

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