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Alan describes how seeing a lawyer early may be the best investment you ever make. It could even be the only meeting you’ll need. He puts you clearly in the driving seat, ‘it’s your responsibility to manage your lawyer’ and considers legal consultation as a ‘basic education’.

So, anything we can do differently?

Can we check our attitude and approach to seeing a family lawyer?

a) It’s not automatically a confrontational thing to do

b) It’s healthy for both parties to understand what’s legal and what’s possible in order to have an informed conversation with each other: not a conversation based on ‘what if’s’ and ‘unknowns’.

c) A lawyer is OK with you wanting an efficient, inexpensive solution. It’s a myth that they all want you to spend three years and all of your money fighting

d) It’s OK to interview several lawyers. It’s important for you (and them) to want to work together

e) Lawyers are OK with co-operating with a financial advisor outside of their firm

f) Lawyers are OK with you involving a mediator to help resolve any disagreements. If you disagree on something, and get a mediator to help find a compromise, at least you are making the decision. If you let a judge in court decide, it’s a very expensive way of not making the decision.

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