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Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously and have gone to great lengths to safeguard your personal data, both in the context of the Relationshift community forums and the broader web.

We collect the following information:

  • Name, email address and password that you provided upon account registration. This is used for email communication with you on things such as account billing information, updates to content or features, and to facilitate your secure log-in to the platform.
  • Non-personal site usage tracking information, helping us to understand how many times videos are viewed or assigned to ‘watch later’.
  • Information collected with Google Analytics cookies, to enable us to track the use and popularity of the content we’re providing. We do not sell this information to any third party.
  • Your personal ‘Add a Note’ information is stored on an encrypted server similarly to the way credit card information is necessarily secured. You can de-activate your account by emailing support@relationshift.family and we can delete or securely hold for up to 3 months any information you have collected in your notes.

We do not collect the following information:

  • Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Stripe details.

Public information:

We offer you the opportunity to get involved in discussion by making comments in the forums which are visible to other users. You have the opportunity on your ‘dashboard’ to create a ‘display name’ so that your comments in the public arena are attributed to that name only.

We are not responsible for you being personally identified by potential clues in your chosen ‘display name’ or by the information you choose to submit in your comments. Any personal information you submit in the forums can be collected by other users in the forums. Please refer to Community Guidelines (below) for how best to get involved.

Meanwhile, if your submitted comment is not consistent with our Community Guidelines (below) or the Relationshift Terms of Use (above), it may be removed.


Community Guidelines

We value our community for leaning-in and learning from the wisdom of others. For their private determination to make the right choices and to take the right actions. And often for changing their approach or behaviour in the interests of better outcomes for everyone in their different shape family.

We encourage a sharing and commenting culture filled with thoughtful observations, feelings and personal experience that adds value to the topic being shared on video by a contributor, and discussed in a forum by a member. The guidelines below seek to protect the integrity of both.

Before clicking ‘submit’, ask yourself if your comment is:

  • Appropriate. For the family contributor who braved a camera and interview to share their personal experience, they’re not offering advice – just what worked or didn’t for them. For the professionals, who’ve given up their time. For our staff, who’ve spent many hours, weeks and months, voluntarily piecing together Relationshift. For your fellow members, who’re looking for constructive input here.
  • Clear. Oftentimes less is more. And if you need to share a lengthy comment, that’s ok, we trust you have a good reason why. Just double-check whether you’re being as concise and constructive as possible. Oh, and speak from the heart, it’s normally a good place to start.
  • Promoting healthy discussion. Members can easily access negative barbs about family break-ups all over the internet, so just check whether your comment will put others on the defensive. If so, how can you make your undoubtedly valid point without it being offensive to others, otherwise it will be removed.
  • Honest. This is your community. Your chance to help create and evolve a safe environment for valuable discussion. Be honest. Be respectful. Be welcomed with the same.

Thankyou for reading. Now get involved!

Updated May 2017

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