What’s a quick way to explain Relationshift to others?

Ok, quick-ish! 3 things:

i) it aims to change for the better how parents and kids go through a family break-up

i) it’s a private subscription membership platform, everyone’s break-up is unique, members’ search for a better way is ubiquitous

iii) it features professionally interviewed experts and families who’ve been through a break-up. Their wisdom – your chance to learn from it, with a few tools to help too.

Why do I have to pay?

Yes, we wish we could offer it for free too. 3 things:

a) it costs quite a bit to operate and continually interview and edit. So in order to sustain and grow, we need to meet these costs.

b) by charging an affordable fee, our members are more likely to keep public comments positive and constructive.

c) None of us would have the time or opportunity to have conversations with the diversity and quality of people on Relationshift. It’d take hundreds of hours and thousands of $SS’s to source the wisdom we bring at a fraction of the price. Source what you need from Relationshift, then pay for your local expert advice as and when you’re ready.

Can I contribute comments or questions anonymously?

Absolutely! Firstly your private notes are your private notes, nobody sees them but you. Secondly, you’re public comments and discussion in the community can  remain private – just update your profile name on the dashboard. In this way you can get involved in the community with comments, support or questions on videos without fear of anyone you know, knowing it’s you. Too easy.

Can I share videos on social media?

No. We’ve agreed with our contributors we’d keep more or less all content within the private subscription membership community. Let’s face it, nobody wants to bravely share their experiences only for one internet trolling cynic getting all abusive. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be fair on the paying subscribers if content was being shared for free. We do use edited video shorts for marketing purposes – indeed you may have seen one – but that’s it. We’re about building a tribe of people really committed to finding a better way to separate. If you’re in, you’re in good company.

Any tips on using the notes and dashboard?

We’re big fans of the late Peter Drucker. He was an educator and management consultant, among other things famous for asking the question at the end of meetings, ‘What’ll you do differently on Monday?’  There’s no point in watching Relationshift videos as ‘info-tainment’, this isn’t YouTube. We’ll ask what the Relationshift contributors are inspiring you to do differently? What positive actions can you take? Step by step, you can make a difference. We’ve researched and created the tools so you can use them to find a better way. You’ve got this!

Can I become a contributor?

If you’re a qualified professional expert, yes get in touch. Let’s talk. If you’re a family member, we’d ask you this question: Have you had enough time to experience, reflect and learn from your family break-up? If you have you’ll know that wisdom can take at least a few years to emerge and we have a strong guiding principle that it’s valuable wisdom we seek to share. If you’re up for sharing, for the benefit of others, then yes! Let us know you’re interested at support@relationshift.family

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