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Separated men and suicide: the reasons why, the statistics, and what every man can do about it


Separating parents attending the same event: how to let the children get on with being a child


Emotions after the separation and pulling back from the brink


Why our blended family works


Why I stand up for separated families


The amazing foresight of a teenager going through a family break-up. One woman tells her story.

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  • "It's great that the parents here aren't all telling you what to do. They're telling us what worked for them - it makes a big difference."

    Dad of 3 kids
  • "I love that these are real people sharing what they learned. I'd actually love to do an interview in a few years!"

  • "We liked the professional input, so many tips that have saved worry, time and money."

    Divorced couple
  • "It's amazing to sit at home and watch people who went through what I'm going through now. They have so much experience to share. And it really makes me feel like I'm not going through this alone. A great help."

    Single mum

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